French Butter represents the coming together
of director/DP Brett Froomer’s life-long passions
for image making, storytelling and cooking.

With offices in L.A. and Chicago, the studio draws on the combined experience of Brett and Executive Producer Ivo Knezevic to offer food, beverage and restaurant brands a fresh perspective on producing tabletop content, one that transforms advertising into a lifestyle experience. The company’s goal is to deliver work that feels authentic and bears a unique visual stamp – what Brett calls ‘cravability’ – produced in an environment that’s warm, friendly, supportive and highly collaborative. At French Butter, food is a journey. We invite you to come along for the ride.


Brett Froomer

Director / dP

Being raised in L.A., you’d think Director/DP Brett Froomer was lured by film, but that’s only half true. He actually grew up in the kitchen, learning at the side of his mother, a passionate foodie who cooked with some of the best-known chefs of her time.

Drawn to the worlds of both food and imagery, by his teen years he was assisting in the studio of legendary L.A. photographer Sid Avery, where he was first exposed to the magic of tabletop. Recalling a shoot for Winchell’s, he said, “I’d never seen a glazed donut look so good.”

Inspired, Brett went on to become one of advertising’s leading photographers, and later a sought after commercial director, focusing on emotion, storytelling and lifestyle spots. But he never lost his interest in food. Now, by embracing his culinary roots and fusing it with his photographer’s eye, he’s come full circle as a new breed of tabletop and food filmmaker – one who goes beyond making things look good to creating “crave-ability.”

At French Butter, he’s blended his great passions: film, food, family and friends – with a focus on shooting effective, breakthrough content for clients in an environment that’s collaborative, welcoming, deeply savory and satisfying.

Ivo Knezevic

Executive producer

French Butter’s Executive Producer Ivo Knezevic brings over two decades of agency experience to the company, much of which was spent as an executive producer at Chicago’s FCB. While there he worked on brands in just about every category imaginable, including over a decade in the QSR ranks, working on KFC. To say he brings an insider’s view of the agency and client sides of the equation to French Butter is an understatement.

A hands on producer, Ivo’s agency job saw him producing his own jobs while running production groups as well. He prizes collaboration, thrills in solving thorny executional problems and, having worked with the industry’s best-known tabletop directors, is a veteran of this demanding genre.

Beyond knowing just about every possible way to stretch a production budget, he’s excited about the opportunities running a versatile, nimble and above-all creatively focused food and beverage specialist studio represents.